Rider Waite-Smith Major Arcana Sequence

I also looked on AT, but did not find any threads for that topic in the archives. I like astrology and I would like to use these associations during my readings. It depends on which school of thought you follow.

Tarot and Astrology

Many people use Crowley correspondences since the are the most widely available. You can find them on each card of his Thoth tarot. Also if you Google "thoth tarot" there are many articles which will give you his correspondences. Three Trumps don't have an astrological attribution, but an elemental one while The World does double duty as being both Earth as well as Saturn.

If you want more information about this and how it's used, you can find some here and here. Originally Posted by Zephyros. One can also substitute Neptune for the hanged man and Pluto for Judgement. There's a sort of connect between The Hanged Man and the Moon for example. Ditto for Death and Judgement.

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The 5 of swords is Venus in Aquarius. Here, it works well because the planets are associated with elements anyway.

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  • Leo after all comes before Libra, not after it. That's all very simple and gives rich possibilities to our readings. We can see whether an element dominates or is lacking, we can look for Venus in a love reading, Mars in a conflict reading etc, and we can the horoscope of the querent into account. The sun sign alone is usually not enough. I'm not an astrologer but I find that knowing the Sun, Moon and ascendant sign gives quite a good basic outline of a personality. You can take the three trumps that represent these three signs and get a shorthand of your astrological personality.

    For me Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio, Ascendant Sagittarius that would be Hierophant, Death and Temperance - and when these cards turn up in my readings, I see them with a little exclamation mark.

    TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) The Hierophant & The King of Pentacles

    They ask for my attention. It's even possible to lay out your horoscope in tarot cards. I have wanted to do that for AGES, maybe the time has come to do it now? Anyway, this information is very useful, and for modern tarot decks, really necessary to know. So many tarot creators have taken inspiration from astrology. Some have treated astrology in the Golden Dawn tradition, others have found their own systems Holy Light Tarot, Journey into Egypt, Celestial - and if you know the basic Golden Dawn structure, it's easier to understand where, how and why new system change it.

    We have seen now how each tarot card has astrological associations, and each zodiac sign and planet have tarot cards associated with them. Obviously, if you have three cards associated with Mars turn up in one reading, the old warrior is asking for your attention.

    There might be a conflict hidden somewhere, strong tension and latent aggression. I have scanned the Thoth cards associated with each zodiac sign: the major, the three decans that belong the sign, and the planets that rule the decans. Please take note how beautifully the sequence is kept: the zodiac signs follow each other Aries, Taurus, Gemini Maybe not.

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    There are certainly wonderful Tarot readers out there who do not feel the need to rely on astrological Tarot correspondences. No one way of reading is superior to another, as long as your readings are making sense to you. Before I even picked up my first Tarot deck at age 15, I knew the Zodiac sign of everyone around me. I was looking for patterns to help keep me safe in what was an incredibly turbulent and often abusive home environment. All I know is that I have known all of the correspondences by heart for yonks and I rely heavily on them in readings — especially for pattern detection.

    For instance, if a lot of the cards in the spread are related to Mars, there is a good chance that a major conflict is in the making… or if many of the cards correspond to Jupiter, things are soon going to open up and the Seeker will have a chance to improve their station in life — Alternatively, it could be a sign that the Seeker is given to excess. It could also be Saturn showing us that we are dealing with an ascetic type of Seeker. Of course, pattern detection can happen based on visual clues too — Again, Astrology is not necessary… but I find it works really well, thanks to how hardwired I am to think of people in terms of Astrology; It makes it easy for me to connect the dots and find the most relevant messages from the Tarot.

    The Sun represents the rational self. Sol is a yang energy.

    Tarot and Astrology Course - Majors 1-5

    It is the personality seeking to express its unique qualities. The thing is, until we have full expressed our uniqueness, we cannot even begin to transcend it.